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The following videos can be watched either on this website, or by visiting the ExplainingComputers YouTube Channel. If you watch them on YouTube you can also subscribe and/or leave me a comment!

Raspberry Pi Robotics
Raspberry Pi Robotics
These two video show how to control LEDs and motors using Python and the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi.
TFA video
Explaining Two-Factor Authentication
This video explains how to increase your online security using phone-based two-factor authentication.
Haswell i3 Mini-ITX Build (Part One)
Haswell i3 Mini-ITX Build (Part One)
This video the first part of my build of an Intel Core i3 Mini-ITX PC.
Haswell i3 Mini-ITX Build (Part Two)
Haswell i3 Mini-ITX Build (Part Two)
This video is the second part of my build of an Intel Core i3 Mini-ITX PC.
Explaining SSDs 2014 Update
Explaining SSDs 2014 Update
This video explains the advantages, disadvantages and technologies of solid state drives (SSDs).
PC Speech Recognition Software
PC Speech Recognition Software
This video demonstrates Google Voice Search, TalkTyper.com, Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Setting Up a Raspberry Pi
Setting Up a Raspberry Pi
This video shows how to set up a Raspberry Pi, including case options, NOOBS download and Raspbian installation.
Raspberry Pi XBMC Media Player
Raspberry Pi XBMC Media Player
This video shows how to set up a Raspberry Pi as an XBMC Media Player using RaspBMC.
Explaining Display Connectors
Explaining Display Connectors
This video explains the different types of computer display connector, including VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.
Graphics Card Update Video
Graphics Card Update
This video shows how to upgrade the graphics card in a desktop PC, her fitting a GeForce GTX 650.
3D Printing Software Video
3D Printing Software
This video introduces a range of software that can be used to create objects for 3D Printing.
Laptop Memory Upgrade Video
Laptop Memory Upgrade
This video shows how to upgrade the memory in a lapto or netbook, here in an Acer Aspire One 725.
Building a Budget PC
Building a Budget PC
This video shows how to build a budget desktop PC based around a dual core 2.4GHz Intel Celeron processor.
Ubuntu Linux Install Video
Ubuntu Linux Install
This video demonstrates the installation and features of Ubuntu Linux.
Explaining Big Data Video
Explaining Big Data
This video explains the characteristics, technologies and opportunities associated with Big Data.
Explaining RAID Video
Explaining RAID
This video explains how two are more hard drives can be connected together using a technology known as RAID.
The Three Ways to Cloud Compute Video
The Three Ways to Cloud Compute
This video explains SaaS, PaaS and IaaS as the fundemental building blocks of cloud computing.
The Three Reasons to Cloud Compute Video
The Three Reasons to Cloud Compute
This video explains how cloud computing is becoming essential to be competitive, to be green, and to enable innovation.
Computiung Health and Safety
Computing Health and Safety
This video explains common computer-related health and safety issues and how to avoid them.
Beating RSI Video
Beating RSI
This video provides tips for overcoming repetitive strain injury in your fingers.
Explaining Quantum Computing
Explaining Quantum Computing
This video explains quantum computing and its future implications.
Explaining Ultrabooks Video
Explaining Ultrabooks
This video explains a new category of lightweight, rapid-access laptop called the "ultrabook".
Explaining 3D Computer Graphics
Explaining 3D Computer Graphics
This video explains how the 3D computer graphics on my websites and YouTube channels are made.
Upgrading an External Hard Drive Video
Upgrading an External Hard Drive
This video shows now to fit a new SATA hard disk into an existing external hard drive unit.
The Top Free Cloud Applications Building a Green PC
Building a Green (Mini-ITX) PC
This video shows the construction of an energy efficient Atom processor PC that uses only around 20W of power.
Explaining SD Cards
Explaining SD Cards
This video explains SD card types, speed classes and sizes. It also freezes one in ice!
Explaining USB 3.0 Video
Explaining USB 3.0
This video explains the new 'superspeed' USB 3.0 standard for connecting things to computers.
Explaining Cloud Computing Video
Explaining Cloud Computing This video discusses the growing trend for accessing software applications, processing power and data storage from the online cloud.
Explaining Web 2.0 Video
Explaining Web 2.0
This video explains what is meant by the Web 2.0 developments of interpersonal computing, web services and SaaS.
Explaining Web Squared Video
Explaining Web Squared
This video introduces "Web Squared" as the next phase of Internet development beyond Web 2.0.
Explaining Solid State Disks Video
Explaining Data Solid State Disks
This video explains how solid state drives/disks (SSDs) are becoming an alternative to traditional hard disks.
Explaining Data Wrangling Video
Explaining Data Wrangling
This video contains a practical discussion of the handling and long-term storage of large quantities of data.
Explaining Mobile Broadband Video
Explaining Mobile Broadband
Mobile broadband allows us to get online at high speed from almost anywhere. This video explains what is involved.
Explaining Green Computing Video
Explaining Green Computing
This video discusses how computing may be both a cause and a solution of environmental problems.
Explaining Ultramobile Computing
Explaining Ultramobile Computing
This video explains low-cost ultramobile or "netbook" computers such as the Eee PC and Acer Aspire One.
Explaining Computer Security Video
Explaining Computer Security
This video highlights a range of computer security threats, as well as ways to keep computers and their data safe.
Shut Down Switch Off! Video
Shut Down and Switch Off!
This video on green computing shows how much electricity a computer can waste when shut down but not switched off.

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